Friday, August 12, 2016

Amy Kanka Valadarsky Presents “Between Here and Now”

Between Here and Then poses questions about our identity as human beings and the interplay of genetics, circumstances and free will in making us what we are. When I started Between Here and Then I wanted to preserve and honor the memory of the people and the way of life I was born into. Beyond the emotional impact of the old photographs, I discovered a desire to use the historical framework to question what makes me the person I am today.

Appropriating old family photographs, the choice of the Holga lens and the black and white palette of the landscapes and self-portraits, are a respectful nod to the past. The puzzle metaphor provided a visual way of making absences present, hinting at internal cracks and conveying the message that any single picture, as complete as it may seem, tells only a fraction of the story.

Like memory, each one of these images is a place where different times coexist. A collage of old and new, exploring the notion of “self”. A puzzle of nature, nurture, and free will, where we are both the pieces and the puzzle solver.

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