Saturday, August 27, 2016

Elisa Haber presents "Twins"

Twins. The closest bond between any two, three or four or....human beings. An article written in The New York Times in 2010, 10 years after the Twin Towers fell, sadly sparked my interest in twins. The article talked about how of the 2,976 people who died, 43 became twin less. Twins talked about losing their mates and how their recovery was what theybelieved more painful than others who had lost a loved one. In a few situations, the widowed husband or wife ended up marrying the twin, which helped them both heal in the grieving process.

I discovered through another set of twins I had previously photographed, that they attended a twins event in Twinsburg, Ohio. I set out in the summer of 2016 to photograph twins from all over the world, from every background, social and economic walk of life. Having spent time with the twins you cannot help but witness the undeniable closeness, in this instance identical twins.


 They literally followed each other sentences, laughed the same, but it was much more than this, you felt the love and bond in immense proportions, more so then just your average siblinrelationship. Many of these twins didnt live in great distance of each other, and if they did they were connected every day via phone or writing.  Having a connection with people who I photograph is the core to my photography. I hope to convey this with my series onTwins, which I will continue to photograph in the coming year.

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  1. Very profound Elisa. I look forward to seeing your exhibit on twins and learning more about the dynamics that exist in these relationships.