Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Charley Star presents "The Liminal Summer

Off the coast of North Carolina is a small island my family has been going to for four generations. It is where I feel most rooted and has become an iconic symbol of my childhood, and synonymous with summertime for our family.

The Liminal Summer imagines a world unhinged from the realities of space and time—it plays in the borders of a metaphysical dreamscape. I wanted to explore the idea of childhood being a liminal state where the veil between the spirit and natural worlds are lifted, in communion with one another.

In some ways, it’s about the possibility that there is more to this physical world than meets the eye, and that perhaps on the other side of some invisible threshold, there is a liminal space where all is possible. But mostly? Mostly, it has become my love letter to my children.

This is the world I wish they – and I – could live in. This is The Liminal Summer.

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