Saturday, August 27, 2016

Steve Englemann presents "Man Akin"

The inhumanity of humanity. For thousands of years, humans have altered the natural landscape to make the planet more comfortable for civilization. The scale of these changes has increased exponentially. Rivers have been engineered, mountains tops have been removed, the atmosphere has been altered. The world population exceeding 7 billion is a testament to the success of our efforts.

Ironically, the long-term impact oecosystem services such as water purification, soil development and fooproduction have rendered the planet less hospitable for the continued growth of future generations. The chemistry of the oceans and atmosphere has changed, sea levels are rising, and forests continue to fall to agriculture and urban sprawl. How will we fair in an increasingly unpredictable climate?

Having taught environmental science for almost three decades, it is difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the growing number of stressors on our environment. While trying to stay hopeful, a more serious conversation is necessary. Man Akin is visual exploration of the hand of humankind. The series is being offered as a point of contemplation. The survival of the planet is not at question. The question is humanity.

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